Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Trimming back Ornamental Grass at Lovegrass Farm

Our Farm Field on April 11, 2012
Our Farm field April 17, 2012
We are having a spell of lovely warm weather.  It went from about 5 C last week to 19 C yest.  We have been slowly but surely cutting back the ornamental grasses & perennials and pruning back our Hardy Roses.  The cool season grasses are responding with new growth.  It'll be a while yet before the warm season varieties start growing.  It's supposed to go back down to a high of 6 C tomorrow but it is still April & it's P.E.I. 
Seslaria heufleriana April 17, 2012 at Lovegrass Farm
Deschampsia cespitosa April 17, 2012
Festuca 'Elijah Blue'
Seslaria Heufleriana is about the only grass that hardly shows any sign of die back in the winter.  The photo of Deschampsia cespitosa gives you an idea of how much we trim back.  Trimming back these cool season grasses also encourages them to thicken up.