Monday, 13 February 2012

Carex Muskingumensis (Palm sedge)

Carex Muskingumensis (Palm sedge)
Carex (KAIR-ex) Muskingumensis (mus-king-goo-MEN-sis) or (Palm sedge) is a versatile sedge that tolerates considerable drought and will grow in damp or wet soils.  This hardy Native plant occurs naturally in moist habitats but we grow it in full sun in sandy soil at Lovegrass Farm.  In full sun the leaf color is lighter and the plant spreads more slowly.  Folks are often looking for a grass that will grow well under light shade and tolerate tree roots.  This would be ideal for that purpose.  Palm sedge has unique foliage; bright green leaves that branch out from the main stem similar to a palm tree  to a height of 2 ft. (60 cm.).  Terminal inflorescence's open green in late spring and turn light brown.  The palm like texture of the leaves has a tropical feel and looks great mixed with broad leaved plants like Ligularia or ferns in damp shade.  It is a slowly creeping warm season sedge that is durable and long-lived and well suited for ground cover use.
Carex Muskingumensis at Denver Botanic Gardens in October, 2011
Carex Muskingumensis at Lovegrass Farm in late fall

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