Monday, 19 March 2012

Fall frosts on Ornamental Grass at Lovegrass Farm

Fall Frost on Helictotrichon sempervirens (Blue oat grass) photo taken Nov. 2, 2011
Frost on Eragrostis trichodes (Sand lovegrass)
These photos were taken last November at Lovegrass Farm. The frost on the grasses took my breath away that morning, literally, for frost makes breathing difficult (some leftover childhood asthma), and because it is So Beautiful!  I am in Awe of Mother Nature!
Frost on Seslaria autumnalis
Frost on Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Hameln'
Frost on Blue oat grass
Frost on Panicum virgatum (Switchgrass)
Pennisetum 'Hameln'
Frost on Sporobolus heterolepis (Prairie dropseed)


  1. Absolutely beautiful shots...makes me wish we had real frosts here more often!

    1. Thanks Scott! We wish we had your mild weather!