Monday, 21 January 2013

Carex eburnea (Ivory sedge)

Carex eburnea (Ivory sedge) September 15 at Lovegrass Farm on P.E.I.

Carex eburnea in our garden rows at Lovegrass Farm

A grouping of Carex eburnea on October 15 at Lovegrass Farm

Carex eburnea on October 31

Carex eburnea (Ivory sedge) on June 7 at Lovegrass Farm
Carex eburnea or ivory sedge would make a Great Native Groundcover.  It has very fine soft green foliage that grows only 6 - 8" or (15 - 20 cm.) tall.  Eburnea's native habitat is under coniferous or mixed forests or on rocky cliffs.  We have grown our plants from seed and they seem to do well in Full sun in our well-drained sandy soil at Lovegrass Farm.  Their blooms in late Spring are insignificant.  The deer resistance of Carex eburnea would make them good garden plants in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick especially on steep rocky slopes.  They are slowly rhizomatous and look awesome massed together in drifts.

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