Thursday, 21 April 2011

Seslaria autumnalis Ornamental Grass at Lovegrass Farm

Seslaria autumnalis (Autumn moor grass)  Photo taken on October 21
Seslaria(ses-LER-ee-ah) autumnalis (aw-tum-NAL-is) or Autumn moor grass is a Native cool season grass and one of my new favorites!  The Seslaria family of grasses are a Great Example of why  we should be using more native grasses in our gardens!  I wonder if it's named Autumn Moor Grass because it looks So Darn Great in the Fall!

Seslaria autumnalis on June 10
Seslaria autumnalis forms a low tuft of foliage to 12 in. or 30 cm. tall topped by narrow silvery white inflorescence's that dry to a tan color in late summer to 18 in or 45 cm. in total height.  The foliage is more yellow-green in full sun.

Seslaria autumnalis October 31
Seslarias are a beautiful choice for meadow plantings especially for small meadow gardens.  They are great as a small specimen grass, in containers or as a massed planting (stunning when backlit).  They are cited as being one of the best ground cover grasses!

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