Thursday, 21 April 2011

Seslaria heufleriana (Blue-green moor grass) at Lovegrass Farm

Seslaria heufleriana at Lovegrass Farm PEI
Seslaria (ses-LER-ee-ah) heufleriana (hyoo-FLER-ee-an-na) (Blue-green moor grass) is a native cool season clump forming grass that grows in neat tufted mounds to 15 in. or 37 cm. high.  This Seslaria is another Superior Meadow Grass.  This is an example of an evergreen grass for our climate; up with the crocus this Spring looking great and already sending up it's dark purple flowers.  (Mix it with Spring Bulbs.) They have creamy-yellow pollen sacs held above the foliage on slender stalks that continue to grow taller as the seed matures and then fade quickly becoming inconspicuous.  Heuflerianas' foliage is grey-blue on the surface, green on the underside with a medium blade width.  It can grow in full sun or light shade and is Very drought tolerant & Salt tolerant.     

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