Thursday, 5 May 2011

Open for The Season At Lovegrass Farm

Hardy Roses
Tomorrow; May 6, is our First Day Open for Sales this year!  It's been a busy time cutting back, weeding, transplanting and sowing seed in our Hoop House!  The weather has warmed up and things are really jumping out of the ground!  I'm surprised so many perennials are up; it's a Great time to move them while there is still lots of moisture in the ground and the blackflies aren't here yet (Hope I didn't Jinx Their Arrival Saying That).  We have Catmint, tall Yellow Coneflower, Purple Rain Salvia, Bronze Fennel, Daisies, Daylilys, Geraniums, Knautia, Ligularia, David Phlox; just to name a few as I was doing a Walkabout!  Our Hardy Roses are budding out in leaf; not in flower, (the photo was taken last summer).  They make a Great Hedge!  Thought I'd show you some photos just taken this evening of some of our Grasses that are ready for Sale so you'll know what size of a plant you'll be getting!

Deschampsia cespitosa

Blue Oat Grass

Calamagrostis 'Karl Foerster'


  1. Paulette,
    We will try to get out to see you....I am coveting one of your wreaths and really want to put in some of the grasses this year. Oh and who can say no to more perenials, especially ones that have been already used to PEI weather.
    You must love this time of year, watching all the 'babies' growing.

  2. Brenda, Looking forward to Seeing You! Every time I go walk about there's something else up. Miscanthus Purpurascens and Giganteus peeked up to say Hello! They are earlier than other Miscanthus varieties. The rain last night made every thing jump! Walking in circles today wondering what to do first--where are my Clones when I need them!

  3. Wow! Everything is looking great, Paulette. I can't wait to come by. I've already started my list of things to add to my garden. My euphorbia that I got from you last year is well on it's way and adding great colour to my garden.

  4. Thanks Kim! Patiently waiting for the weather to change to get back in the Garden! Cool Season Grasses are growing like Mad!