Friday, 13 May 2011

We Make Our Own Sunshine at Lovegrass Farm

Blogger has been unavailable for a while so I jumped at the chance to put a short Post on to let you know that despite the cold wet weather we're still Open and The Best News is that the mist is keeping the black flies away!

Yellow willow and Beech Twig Wreath
 Finished a wreath today with some pretty yellow willow that we cut earlier this Spring and mixed in some Beech twigs to add Our Own Sunshine to Lovegrass Farm!  You'll see it on the building when you come to visit and see all our other Twig Wreaths as well!

The Deschampsia is Looking Great
 The Cool Season Grasses are growing like mad; they love this weather and a lot of perennials seem to like it as well.  A lot of the Warm Season Grasses are starting to come up but we're reluctant to dig them for a few more days until the ground warms a little more.  The long term forecast tells us that by next Wednesday the warmth will be here!  Send us an Email if you'd like to come for plants next week.  We're open today and tomorrow selling cool season grasses and perennials.  We also have some red rhubarb plants, ferns, and a few red and gold raspberry plants for sale.

Miscanthus Giganteus is peeking up out of the ground on May 12, 2011

Czech Lavender is starting to send out new branches, soon be time to shear them back

Red Rhubarb ready to be dug


  1. Just shared this picture of the wreath on my Stone Art facebook page, with a link to your fab blog. Hopefully it gets you a few extra hits as well. Keep up the great work, Sunny

  2. Thank you Sunny, That's Brilliant! You're Very Kind! Just had a quick look at the photos you have on your facebook page; they're So Amazing! Can't wait for next winter when I'll have time to have a Proper Look! (Not that I'm wishing my Life away, It's just that this Blog world has REally Broadened My World!)