Friday, 24 June 2011

Summer is Here, I Think!

Deschampsia cespitosa June 24, 2011 (Native to PE)
It's officially Summer but still pretty unseasonably cool.  Great weather for moving plants around and very few annoying insects!  We're still open for Business for field dug plants until next Sat. at midday and there are still several field dug grasses available.  We have a Wedding Celebration to go to that afternoon.  We have a number of Lavender plants potted up and several varieties of grasses, ferns & some perennials in grow bags for later sales into July.  We had very cold wet weather early in the week but most of the plants must have liked it for many of the grasses seemed to have grown a foot in a few days!  The Deschampsia looks so pretty now.  Everyone that comes by seems to want some for their gardens and luckily we have another variety 'Bronzescheiler' that hasn't bloomed yet so we are still able to dig that.  Photos don't really do Grasses justice so if anyone wants to come by just to see our Grasses in person send us an email and we can let you know when we're available!  The native Deschampsia will be for sale again in September along with the Blue Oat & others.
Lavandula angustifolia 'Krajova' June 24, 201
I feel sorry for the Lavender Plants; they are sending up flowers, right on time, but I'm not sure how the lack of sunshine and heat will affect the crop of lavender!  This photo is of our two year old Czech Lavender I grew from seed.

In Our Meadow on June 25, 2011
Our Meadow has been left pretty much to do what it will because we haven't had the time to weed it yet but hey that just means our native meadow plants will be filling it in and I'm looking forward to see what Mother Nature has in Store!  There is going to be loads of flowers blooming in a week or so and what I love the most about all of this abundance is the pleasure of something new every day we go out to work in the garden or just do a Walk About!  Happy Gardening Everyone & Enjoy the Summer!

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