Sunday, 10 July 2011

STRAWBERRY TIME Mmm! Gotta Love Summer on P.E.I.!

Our Strawberry Patch
It's Strawberry Season and we're Loving It!  The Crows are the only Annoyance--They're even getting under and through the bird netting we put up to eat MORE than their share of our Berries!  If anyone knows a way to outwit them We'd Love to hear about it!  Our Niece was visiting yesterday and having a cone of ice cream with us and remembering when she first moved out on her own and she realized she could have ice cream for Breakfast now if she wanted to!  On that same note we had strawberry shortcake this morning at 9:30 just cause we Could!  I tried a new recipe made with whipping cream instead of butter in the biscuits and added some nutmeg.  I Let the sliced strawberries sit for a while with a little sugar and amaretto and whipped the cream with maple syrup and cardamon.  (Wolfed them down So Quick; didn't have time to think about a photo)

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