Friday, 15 July 2011

The Lavender is Blooming at Lovegrass Farm in P.E.I.

Our Lavender Bunches
Cutting Our Lavender on July 14, 2011
The Lavender is beginning to bloom on our Farm.  Our plants are organically grown Lavandula Angustifolia.  The darker Hidcote  and some of the Krajova are in bloom.  Munstead will be out a little later.  Sunday sounds like its going to be a Hot day that will really bring the bloom along; a change from the unusually cool and windy days of late!  If anyone would like to come by and cut their own lavender send us an email.  There is something Sooo Relaxing about sitting down in the Lavender Rows! 
Lavender is an edible Herb!  When cooking, use it lightly, a little goes a long way, and too much will leave a bitter taste.  Add 1 Tbls. dried lavender to 4 cups of sugar and let it sit for a couple of weeks.  Sift out the lavender and use the sugar normally.  Sprinkle fresh lavender on a salad for a unique taste and visual appeal.  Lavender substitutes for Rosemary in all dishes.  If you are grilling meat, sprinkle some dried lavender on the hot coals to add flavor and a lovely aroma!  You'll find lots of recipes on the Internet.

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  1. Oh it is beautiful Paulette....I love using lavender when I cook.....