Friday, 15 July 2011

More Twig Wreaths For Sale at Lovegrass Farm in P.E.I.

Side View of Bronze Larch Wreath to show Depth of 18 in. (45 cm.)
Large Larch Wreath 54" Diameter (1.4 m)
Large Grey Birch Wreath 48" diameter (1.2 m.) 16" depth
Sweetfern Wreath on Reindeer Moss 24" diameter (60 cm.)
Large Blonde Larch Wreath
Small Bronze Larch Wreath 36" diameter (90 cm.)
While cutting twigs from our dormant Larch trees we discovered that there were a variety of colors to the twigs on different trees so I named them what the colors reminded me of.  The lightest one I call Blonde, deeper colors Gold and a couple of trees were even darker so they became Bronze.  The Gold and Bronze really show nicely in bright light.  I believe this to be a Very Unique Wreath that holds up really well outdoors!  Our Wreaths are Handmade on Wire Rings with Twigs from our P.E.I. Fields and Forests.

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